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Sedation/General Anesthesia

Sedation or General Anesthesia as a method for treatment:
Many of our patients are referred to our office because of the amount and complexity of their dental and behavioral needs.  Dr. Tawadros’ philosophy in treating children that are unable to tolerate treatment in the office setting includes the availability of sedation and general anesthesia.  Because Dr. Tawadros does not restrain children for treatment, we offer in-office sedation with Dr. Stephen C. Phillips DMD and general anesthesia at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC).

Dr. Stephen C. Phillips DMD

  • Undergraduate: University of Arizona
  • Dental School: Oregon Health Sciences University
  • Anesthesia Residency: Ohio State University
  • Practicing anesthesia for twelve years

In his spare time, Dr. Phillips enjoys playing guitar, reading and spending time with his family.


The most important outcome for your child with this sedation approach, is that he or she will complete all treatment in one visit, pain-free, and memory-free.

Dr. Tawadros' regular staff is wonderful, and will help guide you through the process. They understand it is an anxious time for parents and patients. Dr. Tawadros will meet with parents prior to and after surgery. Parents may be with their child up through the time when they place him/her under sedation.  Dr. Stephen Phillips  will be monitoring your child through the surgery, so they will be safe and asleep. The entire process from arrival through departure can be several hours, depending on the dental needs of your child.  Your child will return home with you and by evening should have returned to their normal activity. Sedation appointments are scheduled in our Wilmington location.

Once your child is back to healthy, we will do our best to help you keep them that way. Two weeks after the surgery, Dr. Tawadros would like a follow-up examination to ensure your child is healing as they should.  At that visit we will also review diet and oral hygiene, and provide you with everything you need to keep your child’s healthy smile. We will schedule an appointment for you with our hygienist in six months. Cleaning schedules will help us all help your child maintain good dental health!
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Why would a child need sedation or general anesthesia just to have teeth restored?
Without treatment dental caries can adversely affect learning, communication, nutrition, and other activities necessary for normal growth and development of your child. When a child with disabilities needs extensive dental treatment, general anesthesia is an accepted standard of care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Dental Association, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services support this standard. General anesthesia is also an accepted standard of care for situations involving children who have limited comprehension or children who are extremely uncooperative and require dental care that is technically difficult or sensitive to deliver.
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Sedation/General Anesthesia Policies
If Dr. Tawadros has recommended that your child receive dental treatment under sedation or general anesthesia, you will work directly with our practice. We will assist you in scheduling, insurance billing, and coordinating with Dr. Stephen Phillips or CCHMC; also, scheduling post op care and, of course, answering any questions you may have in regards to this special care.

Dr. Phillips is currently scheduled 1-2 times per month in the Wilmington office.  If health issues require your child to have surgery at CCHMC, we are able to accommodate. The co-pay for your child’s visit is due one week prior to their appointment.  Our fees do not change whether we address treatment in office or at CCHMC, however you should be aware that there is an added cost from the anesthesiologist. Your medical insurance does not typically cover this anesthesia fee. Dr. Phillips will contact you the evening prior to your clild's appointment to answer any questions.
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